Can teen movies really save us?

Coming of age films can be defined by what barriers they smash and just how uncomfortable or nostalgic they can make us feel, but they're often remembered for what they bottle up about their own particular era.


Interview with The Young Women’s Film Academy

The Young Women’s Film Academy are an amazing charity in the North East of England. They are passionate about promoting and encouraging young women to develop skills and interests in the film industry. The Academy runs a Saturday club for girls aged 12+ to make films that explore challenging and relevant issues, learn new skills and make friends in a relaxed, comfortable all-female environment.

Leading Ladies: Jean Arthur in “Mr Smith goes to Washington” (1939)

Ya Gals On Film | Jean Arthur as Saunders in "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" (1939)

If you heard the title ‘Mr Smith goes to Washington’ and thought that it may not hold much representation for modern women then you would probably be forgiven. Mr Smith, a white American everyman, is so often the default hero for all of western cinema, and Washington D.C. is a city in which the United… Continue reading Leading Ladies: Jean Arthur in “Mr Smith goes to Washington” (1939)